Questions Fréquentes

With time, does the aspect of this product change ? Is it easy to clean ?

- Tin is a highly flexible material, the shocks it receives, leaving small traces will age the surface.
Tin is said to have a "starry" surface.
It is cleaned using rubbing alcohol.

- Zinc takes on a marble aspect with time, it cn stain (the white rust).
General maintenance is with rubbing alcohol.

Zinc de bar, ou Etain de bar ?

Dans le langage courant le zinc désigne le comptoir d’un bar, bien qu’il n’ait jamais été fabriqué en Zinc, mais bien en Etain:
Un zinc de bar est en étain !

Are there limits regarding the dimensions of bar tops and work surfaces ?

There are no limits concerning the dimension of the work surface. We have even created a work surface 26 m long! We can realize your project whatever the dimensions. We can send our product world-wide, in one or several pieces.

How can I obtain a estimate ?

We can give you a quote without any difficulty.
For that, send us a sketch, a plan of your project with the decoration you would like and your address. If the quote suits you we can begin the work after having checked dimensions.

What are the differences between Zinc and Tin ?

- Tin is a stainless raw material, which can be used for food preparation (it doesn’t contain lead, so it doesn’t blacken).
It is naturally silver in colour and doesn’t need any particular maintenance.
Its soldered joints are invisible, it’s a highly flexible material, becoming more beautiful with time, taking on lovely patina.
The older it is, the more beautiful it becomes.

Our tin conforms to food hygiene norms in Europe and US.

- Zinc is a raw material which can stain and therefore can’t be used for food preparation.
It takes on a marble aspect with time.
Its soldered joints are visible and in relief, which gives it a particularly charming aspect.

Is it possible to create your own edges? Can you personalise your work surface?

Yes, of course. Our section entitled "our edgings" is only an example, you are free to give us your own ideas. We can also personalise your work surface with a logo or a theme (engraved or in relief)

What are the geographial limits concerning deliveries?

What are the geographial limits concerning deliveries?

None !!

We dispatch our creations all over the world either in one piece when that is possible if not in several pieces, then we come to the site for the fitting, connections and finish.